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Welcome to One more time… The TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Ryo Asuka and his true identity; Satan of the iconic Devilman franchise by Go Nagai.

This fanlisting is dedicated to all depictions of Ryo, including Satan and any of his other personas. This also includes how he is depicted throughout any adaptation of the Devilman franchise.

Ryo is a beautifully tragic character in all of his appearances throughout the Devilman franchise. God's former favourite, he was cast out of heaven for daring to disobey his Father and cursed to find and fall in love with Akira Fudo in every universe. The perfect human, Akira, is both Satan's punishment and Ryo's chance at salvation. And in every universe, the fallen angel lets his chance at salvation slip through his fingers, and the world begins anew.

Maybe there is a kinder universe out there somewhere. Waiting for him. A world where he can learn to love and be loved. A place where he can finally rest.

But until then, he must fall again—

One more time…

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